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The effectiveness of our work and the satisfaction of our partners is rooted in our love of what we do.

We take delight in both the visualisation process and the fact that the images we produce contribute to the architectural firms that commission us winning design competitions, convincing their clients or reaching a wider audience – to put it simply, to their success.

“In the visualisations, we wish to see the building as we envisioned it. And that’s precisely what we get from Greypixel,” says Péter Bordás, owner and chief designer of BORD Architectural Studio, who has already placed trust in us in numerous projects. “Ákos, Józsi and the rest of the team understand our approach and speak a common language with us, so we work together smoothly. When the visual designs are finished, we all take pleasure in the results.”


We have a common vocabulary. The team at Greypixel understands what I want, and embrace the concept with flair. They put that extra work into the project and add that extra touch of finesse to the work that makes our buildings in the images look exactly the way we imagined them.

- Péter Bordás, owner and chief designer of BORD Architectural Studio -

To get positive feedback like this from our clients, we have developed a transparent and predictable workflow that enables our partners to know what to expect from us and enables us to present high quality work. Part of this is assigning each client a dedicated contact person who, while ensuring professionalism, creates a personal atmosphere in which the client feels safe from the moment cooperation starts.

"Greypixel’s designers join the process as outside observers with fresh eyes. By continuously developing themselves in their own field and cooperating with other firms, they have a broad vision and keep up to date. They find the views that best highlight the intrinsic qualities of our buildings. This approach gives us renewed impetus as well,” says Péter Bordás about working together.

Our aim is to work in a way that provides added value which positively supports the architectural design process in addition to producing high quality visualisations. Irrespective of the phase of the architectural design, once we are familiar with the concept and plans, we decide the season, the time of day and weather conditions that best suit the building in the given composition. It is often thought that a pleasant sunny setting is the most appropriate way to showcase a building, but frequently the atmosphere after a storm, a half-cloudy sunset or a foggy morning complements a particular building and the composition even better. The reflection of a surface in a puddle of water, a sense of fresh air, lush green surroundings or the inviting thought of warming up in a building after a cloudburst can all make a project look attractive. The point is to engage the viewer with the location, making them wish they were there.

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Thorough, careful expertise goes hand in hand with this approach. In every case, we examine the real environment and the selected architectural materials to ensure that we render surfaces with the same appearance in the visualisations. In this way, a realistic view is created and, as BORD Architectural Studio requests, the building that the architect dreamt of appears in the images. Our work sometimes also points out subtleties that support the work of the architect. On occasion the visualisation helps to fine-tune and select the materials used in the building as it shows exactly how a surface will behave in the reality of the location. We have prompted changes such as replacing highly reflective, coated glass with traditional glass, and altering the colours of metal structures.

At other times, architects ask us to produce visualisations with different cladding elements because being able to see how the surfaces will look in reality speeds up their own design and decision-making process considerably.


Overall, we can say that our goal is to contribute to the success of the architect by providing an optimal depiction of the building under design – whether the visualisation is produced for internal use, to assist the design process, or to present images to a jury. It has also happened that the client considered our image as an artwork, giving our visualisation an added role beyond its required function, a recognition which gives us particular pleasure. However, why creating is an enjoyable activity for us is not only because of such positive feedback, but also because the process is sometimes an exciting challenge and at other times a creative game for us.


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