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Greypixel, founded in 2011 by architect Ákos Mátételki and 3D Artist József Lipka, focuses on crafting beautiful, detailed, and effective visualizations. Our mission is to assist industry-leader professionals in achieving their goals and leaving a significant impact. Starting as passionate independent artists, we rapidly gained recognition in online visualization communities, leading to international media assignments from the beginning. We bootstrapped Greypixel, sold our assets to build our first render farm, and persevered, producing art for major architectural projects


We always wanted to gather like-minded people around us. People who are different from the average in terms of dedication towards quality, who are passionate creators, who can stay humble while they carry on with their work. This is how Greypixel has grown - not by much; still a handful of people, an explorer crew of 9, always looking for new ways to get to the very top of what can be done professionally in visual design today, and tomorrow.


At the very beginning, we built the best render farm we could, and we stayed committed to that approach because we understand that to carve the sharpest images, you need the sharpest tools. It’s a calculated investment. We're always experimenting with the newest solutions because in this dynamic craft, we believe in continuous evolution. This constant drive for improvement is just the way we like it


We create imagery for our partners that captures the uniqueness of their projects and presents their ideas effectively. We want to help our partners in persuading others to see things their way.The Greypixel is curiosity, it is the relentless pursuit towards a total understanding of complex representation problems, it's the collaborative creation of emotion-evoking images about outstanding architectural-, product- and real estate development visualisation projects.

The Greypixel team

At Greypixel, our diverse team lives on boundless curiosity, fusing it with our deeply honed and tempered experience. We combine these talents to create emotionally charged visuals that showcase our team's unwavering dedication to our profession.

Ákos Mátételki  

Managing Director, founder

A former national water basketball athlete, Ákos relishes being in a state of flow, both in body and mind. He enjoys running, swimming, and architectural photography. He is interested in the arts of 3D printing and disciplining children.

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József Lipka

Art Director, founder

Passionate for plants, in life as well as in highly detailed visualisation. József is a globetrotter, an adventuring IT expert with an eye for beauty. Currently, he's living on a farm, dedicated to the well-being of his horses.

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Martin Appelshoffer

Senior 3D Artist

When Martin is present, no process goes unoptimized. 'Impossible' is not a word in his dictionary, neither in projects nor in parenting.

Zoltán Zöldhegyi

3D Artist, Senior Post Production Specialist

Zoli tends to keep his hobbies, such as digital painting, cooking, gardening, hiking, and esports, somewhat private. However, he's quite known for his passion for craft beer.

Tamás Nagy

Senior 3D Artist

Tamás, a black belt master of dark humour, prefers to recharge his creativity by sculpting, 3D printing, and playing the guitar.

Tamás Cseh

3D Expert

Our very own Goliath, holder of the beer-and-sausages prize for all time. An architect who also enjoys building road bikes.

Aurél Kosári

Division manager

A classic gentleman noir problem solver. Aurél enjoys jazz, cinema, painting, skiing, and tennis.

Máté Sipos

Project manager, 3D Expert

The team's greatest innovator, always immersed in new technology and always ready to cheer them up when they least expect it.

Emina Poturak

Marketing Specialist

A bona fide cat lady and social media enthusiast, Emina is the soulful ghost living inside the Greypixel machine.

András István

3D Surveyor

A tinkerer, who has a tool for every situation; esport athlete; football buff. In short: a local superhero.

Trusted by many

Building on a 15-year history, we've completed 500+ successful international visualization projects while maintaining a stunning 100% satisfaction rate and on-time delivery. Our loyal partners are proof of our dedication. We put your comfort and control first through our entire consulting process, assuring that your experience with us will be nothing short of rewarding.

About us

From our partners

“We consider Greypixel as a partner of our company. Their visual designers take immense care to ensure that Domani’s high quality ceramics are recreated in a realistic way. Essential to this replication is the faithful portrayal of our materials and structures. The amiability of their staff and the seamless workflow contribute greatly to our contentment.”

Bart Bauweraerts - Managing Director of Domani

“We have a common vocabulary. The team at Greypixel understands what I want, and embrace the concept with flair. They put that extra work into the project and add that extra touch of finesse to the work that makes our buildings in the images look exactly the way we imagined them.”

Péter Bordás - CEO of BORD Architectural Studio

“We have worked with Greypixel on numerous big projects for some of the largest brands and clients in the world. At each stage of the process, Greypixel have been professional, friendly and have worked to our strict timelines and always come in on budget. We choose Greypixel as our CGI supplier due to their extremely high quality of work, standards and practices. They make our jobs easier when our clients are always delighted in the final product. We look forward to working together in the near future."

- Neil Horner, CEO & Director at Imageynation Ltd.
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