Visualization is the tool for boosting buyer confidence

Many properties have found a buyer with our support. First and foremost, this is because we create high-quality, realistic, appealing visualizations to show what buildings under development will look like in reality. This greatly aids developers in selling properties on ideal terms.

“One reason why we like working with Greypixel’s experts is that they know how to show a development in progress in a realistic way. They understand and have a feel for what makes the property we are developing attractive to our target audience,” says Imre Harmat, Director of Development at Bayer Property. “Besides always receiving high-quality visualizations, strictly keeping to deadlines for completing the work is also important for us. This is a crucial aspect when presenting a project to a jury or at a public meeting.”

Our working method has been developed by being fully aware of the characteristics of the real estate market, by continuously monitoring current developments in the industry and by taking account of our partners’ needs. This is how we can guarantee that visualizations which meet our clients’ expectations are created.

Bayer Endrődi Villa - Földszint


High-quality, professional work, keeping to the deadlines agreed in advance and a fair price. When it comes to visual design, these are essential aspects for us. Greypixel performs to the maximum in all three.

- Imre Harmat, Director of Development, Bayer Property -

Thanks to a transparent and clear workflow, our clients always know what they can expect from us. This includes the assignment of a dedicated contact person to ensure the professionalism of the process.

“At times the visual designer needs to liaise with our company’s marketing officer, but there have also been examples of having to contact the architect or interior designer. In either case, this is not a problem for Greypixel, as they always find a common language with our specialists,” says Bayer Property’s Director of Development about working with us.

This is an important aspect because it is vital for a potential tenant or buyer of a property to have a thorough understanding of both the inside and outside of a building, and indeed visualizing the view from the building is sometimes required to fully serve the client. These can be presented in still and moving images, animations, 360° VR tours and 3D floor plans as required.

Bayer Endrődi Villa - Földszint

Seeing the development of the real estate market, our experience is that it is worthwhile paying special attention to sales and marketing activities so that the property developer can address a shrinking clientele as effectively as possible. The quality of the visualizations can make a major contribution to this. Realistic visuals help to sell the property as quickly as possible, thereby reducing the investor’s risk and increasing the return on the project. Thus, our primary concern is to support our clients invariably with high-quality work.

For a building to be attractive and appealing, it is important to pay attention to its surroundings and present them realistically. Part of this is taking into account the opportunities offered by the neighbourhood and making the life that goes on there appear in the visualizations. This is an extra that Greypixel has never scrimped on in its images. - Imre Harmat concluded

Bayer Endrődi Villa - Emelet

Overall, we can say that we always contribute to the success of a real estate developer by providing an optimal visualization of a building that is being planned or constructed, be it a visualization for a jury, to inform local people about the investments in their neighbourhood, or to sell the property.


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