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In our product visualization activities, our focus extends beyond mere product presentation. We strive to create immersive environments while also supporting the product development process.

In our product visualization activities, our focus extends beyond mere product presentation. We strive to create immersive environments while also supporting the product development process.

“We have been working together with Greypixel for four years. They are a young team brimming with energy and driven by dedication to their profession,” says Bart Bauweraerts, Managing Director of Domani Kft., a manufacturer of luxury ceramics.

“Over recent years, our firm’s marketing strategy has undergone a major transformation, which has been supported in large measure by working with Greypixel. In addition to presenting products in person or through photos, we have included 3D visualization in our portfolio.”

As regards the visual representation of a product, the question of whether to use a photo or create a visualization is often raised. Our approach revolves around carefully examining the strengths of each method and selecting the most appropriate solution for each individual case.

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A seemingly trivial but important criterion is whether the product exists only in the form of a design or in physical reality. “When we are working on the development of a new collection for a client, we usually send them a visualization of the object first and only produce the product when they are satisfied with what they have seen in the visualization. This method both speeds up the process and makes it cost-effective,” explains Bauweraerts.

When dealing with a large, extensive and continuously expanding product family, 3D visualization is superior. Furniture, for example, requires considerable logistics just to be transported to the location of the photo shoot. If, after some while, the product appears on the market in a new colour, repeating this process also requires significant infrastructure. By contrast, 3D visualization makes creating realistic images of products, even in multiple versions, effortless compared to traditional photo shoots.

We have worked on 3D visualizations of interior design products which had more than four thousand combinations of optional elements and materials. With visualizations, the whole of this range can be shown in the same setting and lighting conditions with much less energy input than by putting together the products individually for a photo shoot.

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Potential customers can, from the comfort of their homes, configure diverse product elements on their computers to craft their preferred variation. Digital replicas of products can be placed in a lifelike or even abstract environment completely detached from reality. Augmented reality further empowers customers to place and view the tailored product in its intended environment, allowing them to verify their choices. All of this vastly enhances customer experience and satisfaction, and consequently, boosts product commitment and sales.

Furthermore, still and animated visualizations can aid users through well-crafted assembly instructions and visually rich user manuals.

In cases where, despite the numerous benefits of 3D visualization, traditional photography better suits our client’s needs, we communicate our assessment. Our priority is to deliver precisely what our clients need.


There is stiff competition in the field of visualization. One of the reasons we chose Greypixel is because we always know what we can expect from them.”

- Bart Bauweraerts, Managing Director of Domani Kft. -

This is reinforced by the working method we’ve developed over the years, which we agree on before work starts. We assign a dedicated liaison to each of our partners to ensure professionalism throughout the process.

Domani Nara

In summary, the realisation and showcasing of products through still and motion 3D visualization can really bolster the effectiveness of manufacturing companies in the areas of product development, marketing and sales. We aim to optimise these processes for our clients to help them make their products as widely available as possible to their target audience.


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