Solutions for architects

Through the artistry of visual storytelling, we transform architectural concepts into compelling realities. Our expertise is dedicated to interpreting your architectural ideas and amplifying their foundational principles, elevating your projects to new heights.


A sneak peek into the forthcoming exterior designs of your projects. Utilizing 3D exterior rendering allows you to elicit emotional engagement and transmit your ideas in the most suggestive way to industry leaders.


Interior visualization leverages 3D models to translate your design specifications into visually accurate representations. You can benefit by evaluating aesthetics, proportions, alignment with design elements, and the faithful recreation of lighting nuances and specific details, streamlining the design process and client collaboration


Introducing your plans through video formats or virtual walks enhances the presentation of spaces with a heightened level of efficiency. Cinematographic solutions in completely virtual environments.

Something unique, maybe a bit unexpected. A beautiful detail, an interesting angle. We impress the decision-makers with tiny bits of excellence in the visual representation of your plan.

Greypixel is a small, tight-knit community by design and by choice. This enables us to preserve the human touch, the friendly and intimate creative process which is required to uphold our core values; the commitment to our detail-oriented approach that keeps the interests of our client in focus.

We welcome every new inquiry as the starting point of a long-term partnership. We assign a dedicated consultant to your project from the get-go, whose only goal is to maximise and optimise the support we can provide to help you achieve your goals.

Impress the decision-makers with something truly unique, an unexpected demonstration of quality and passion for excellence.

Project - workflow

Collaborating with us goes way beyond placing an order and accepting a delivery. We utilise a complete consultancy method from initial preparations to project completion.

Our commitment to your success begins with attentive listening and extensive research, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the challenges you bring to us. Rather than assigning a generic 'contact person,' your project is assigned a dedicated consultant whose goal is to identify the most effective tools from the Greypixel toolkit to support you in achieving your business objectives.

Our workflow is divided into seven key phases. Each phase can include multiple rounds. The current phase ends when the client is entirely satisfied with the outcomes and we can move forward.



Every visualization fits into a communication strategy - what is yours? We make sure we thoroughly understand every motivating factor behind the project.


Solution Roadmap

Together, we identify the key virtues of your idea, the most important functions you would like to see presented, the materials that should be used, and many other small details.


Angles & Moods

Now we can start looking for the best camera angles and light sources that cast light in a way that fits the mood we are looking for in the best possible way.


Completing Geometry and Selecting Materials

We add and refine surface materials to the purely geometric model, either by picking a suitable one from our database or creating a brand new one.


First Drafts

We create and present the First Drafts, a simplified but representative version of the imagined final visualization.


Refining the Materials, Adding Details

We refine the materials of the surface for exceptional realism and finalise the natural surroundings and effects.


Final Images & Project Closure

Incorporating the new comments, now the work towards the final images starts. We complete the assignment in one or two more rounds.

Architectural Highlights

We love the work we do and take pride in it. Whether it's a big project or a small one, we're excited to share a selection of recent projects that best represent our mindset and creative approach.



Let’s work together

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Flow for the experience, workflow for a precise and predictable process

The effectiveness of our work and the satisfaction of our partners is rooted in our love of what we do.

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